I am currently using an ESP32 for long-term operation with a single charge. I'm also adding numerous sensors to inform users of the surroundings as well as their own vital signs.

Built a 4WD car with a robotic arm for picking up and placing a square box in the correct position.

The arm had 4 degrees of freedom and could pick up weights of up to 300 grams. It could pick and drop a block to its designated slot by identifying printed circles, squares, or triangles using Image Processing in MATLAB.

Custom designed and fabricated the hull and radar of the boat for faster speed and better control. Used a 2.4GHz radio transmitter and a receiver for remote control.

Soldered wires to make an FM transmitter for learning about amplifiers, LC oscillators and feedback circuits. Learned making inductors with custom values using wires.

This project was aimed at solving the problem of visually impaired people requiring different sized braille cells throughout their learning phase.

Affordable Refreshable Braille Display for Reading and Learning (2018) (Champion Project in EIC 2018, Singapore)

Developed a custom-made actuator to solve the affordability problem of the tactile braille displays. Text-to-Speech integration allows braille learning with the device.