Braille Display for Learning (2019)

Refreshable Braille Display with Adjustable Cell Size for Learning

Project Description

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This is the upgraded version of the previous braille display made by us. The previous one could not achieve the standard cell size of the braille. Actuating six dots within a fingertip was quite challenging. However, with the smaller sized relays, the task became easier. I designed and fabricated the display. The new display achieved standard braille cell size (2.5x2.5mm). We tested this display with the blind volunteers who also used the previous display. The results were substantial. They were able to read the display much better than the previous one. After that, I devised a mechanism for allowing the cell size of the braille display to be changed. The mechanism permitted each relay to be adjusted, which in turn made the cell size adjustable. This proved to be very useful for the blind who have different tactile sensitivity requiring different cell size to learn braille.