4WD Car with 1 DoF Arm (2017)

4WD Grid Solving Car for Picking and Placing Boxes with 1 DoF Arm

Project Description

Me and my team planned to build an autonomous 4WD car to participate in the Techfest, arranged by IIT. The car needed to solve a grid and navigate autonomously through it. It also had to pick up some boxes and place them in specific positions. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we could not participate in the regional Techfest competition. However, we did finish the mechanical build and manual navigation of the car.

My Roles

I was in charge of designing and fabricating the car itself along with the 1 DoF arm. I used four geared motors for the wheels and one servo motor for the pick and place arm. I coded the car to be manually driven by a joystick (game controller) as well.