Smart Wearable Watch for Survival Applications (Ongoing)

This is a personal project of mine. The goal of this project is to create an wearable smart watch that is capable of long-time operation without the need of recharging. Currently available smart watches generally lasts about a week at maximum. I am trying to develop a watch that would consume very little power and operate for at least 1 month with maximum functionality, and 6 months in survival mode. I am using the ESP32 as the microcontroller of choice due to its low current requirement and deep sleep functionality. It will also feature WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS, GPRS, and other functionalities. The black and white LCDs, despite looking retro, consumes very low power, making them the perfect choice. There is another option: an e-paper display. However, the slower refresh rate eliminates this type of display. Right now, I am developing the user interface and navigation using a rotary encoder and C programming. I plan to incorporate numerous sensors for information gathering on the environment as well as the wearer. Below you can see a photo of the user interface or display.