Shape Identifying Robotic Arm (2017)

4WD Grid Solving Car for Picking and Placing Boxes with 1 DoF Arm

Project Description

Me and my team planned to participate in the Industrial Automation Challenge (IAC) arranged by BUET Robotics Society (BRS) in 2017. We came up with an innovative rock and pinion mechanism for the Robotic Arm instead of using servos. The arm had 4 degrees of freedom, and it could pick and drop a block to it's designated slot by identifying printed Circle/Square/Triangle using Image Processing.

My Roles

I was in charge of all the electronics and Image Processing. Two stepper motors were used for the rack and pinion mechanism of the arm. I used MATLAB for shape recognition and getting location coordinates from raw video footage. The data from MATLAB was sent to the robotic arm to sort the boxes into the right places.