Reusable Face Shields

Design, Fabrication, and Distribution of the Reusable Face Shields for the Health Workers in Covid-19

Work Description

In 2020, when the Covid-19 hit our city, we wanted to contribute by helping our health workers who were fighting the coronavirus with inadequate protections. We had started a non-profit organization called 'Tero Foundation' before the Covid-19 pandemic. With the pandemic beginning to wreck havoc, we started a project named 'Save the Saviors' under the Tero Foundation. The goal of the project was to help the emergency workers during the peak of the pandemic. We designed a face shield for this purpose. It was made from inexpensive materials that were readily available, making the face shield very economical and easy-to-make. After the design, we started putting the face shields together by hand. The face shields were supplied free of cost to the city hospitals, and many other workers (Sample Collectors, Police, Administration, etc.) in need. In total, we made about 300 pieces of face shields. We also used our foundation money to distribute ration among the families in need within our community. Learn more about it here.