Haptic Display for Learning Braille

Refreshable Braille Display with Adjustable Cell Size for Learners with Different Tactile Sensitivity

Authors: Md Mahmud Hasan Saikot and Kazi Ragib Ishraq Sanim

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/TOH.2022.3184265


Braille is one of the most popular mediums of education for the blind. However, learning braille requires trainers and a lot of practice. Additionally, different individuals have different levels of tactile sensitivity at their fingertips. This fact is often overlooked in most braille learning devices and related studies. Our solution is a single cell refreshable braille display with six custom-made electromechanical flapper actuators. It uses phonetic feedback to facilitate self-learning and independent operation. The cell size can be adjusted according to the learner’s preference by moving the actuators. It is designed to help learners with different tactile perceptions improve themselves through practice and adapt to standard size braille. Two tests were also performed with two different cell sizes to evaluate the device with several blind students of Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization ( BERDO). The device is very affordable and easy to maintain. It can also be used to teach braille to the sighted. Read full text.

Original research article published in IEEE Transactions of Haptics